As an Elite Agency for Safety & Security we serve our clients worldwide on Land and at Sea. Our team, consisting of former members of Maritime Special Forces, is specialized on securing and guarding Luxury Yachts worldwide. We offer our special expertise and innovative approaches to owners, manufacturers and service providers inside the Yachting Industry. We provide customized Security Concepts for personal security and privacy on board and Vessel Protection Concepts. Our actions target risk factors like piracy, organized and general crime, industrial espionage and undesired publicity in maritime environments.

Weak Point Analysis
Within the scope of a Weak Point Analysis we light up the present Security Concept on board, physical security standards and the individual operational capacity of the crew because every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Frequently at this step it gets already obvious that even minimal changes can bring a big plus of security. The targeted reconnaissance of maritime routes and harbours is mentioned for example at this point. The Weak Point Analysis is conducted by our employees on-site and is the foundation for the definition of appropriate personnel, procedural and physical measures. So called penetration test are conducted on request to analyse the resilience of present Security Concepts in general or for specific threat scenarios.

Customized Security Solutions
The individual Security Concept is developed hand in hand with our customers. It includes the personal needs of the owner and the specific Risk Analysis. There is no patent solution for Onboard Security and Vessel Protection. Every concept is based on the personal situation of the owner, planned routes and stops, the specific structure of the Yacht and the global Threat Level. Here we must differentiate between visible and deterrent measures like armed security guards and invisible protection measures like perimeter reconnaissance. An individual Process Manual helps the owner and the crew to declare certain procedures and protection measures for specific threat scenarios like piracy or spying. As a reliable Partner and Elite Service Provider we attend our customers throughout the implementation process, offer customized crew training, coordinate technical works and provide operational Security Guards.

Maritime Escort
We are pleased to discuss operational services like High-Risk Escorts and the use of armed Security Guards in a personal talk.